Dandelion App

It’s about content discovery

This application streams great music from Dandelion Radio over the net to your device.

While playing, it searches for content about the music and presents it to you for browsing.

Depending on what is available you’ll find images, videos, social media sites, similar music, biographies, discographies and more.

Some content may offend

This application is only suitable for adults.

Dandelion Radio play music that may offend.

This application accesses crowd sourced content about the music it plays, this content may be irrelevant, incorrect and offensive.

The developers of this application cannot be held liable for any offense caused by the content that it plays or displays.

We assume that all works played or displayed by this application are the copyright of their respective owners.

Dandelionradio.com is an internet radio station fully licensed with PRS and PPL.

This application is the copyright of Jeremy Quinn 2013. All rights reserved.