Made in Britain

Design & Development

By Jeremy Quinn of Brixton, London.


Dandelion Radio

Without Dandelion Radio, their entusiastic DJs, excellent music and great support, there would be no application.

Crowd Sourced Content

It would have been much more difficult to get this working without all of the crowd-sourced content at Last.FM, MusicBrainz, Discogs and all of the sites they link to. Many thanks to all of the contributors.



The AudioStreamer project on GitHub by Matt Gallagher was a really useful starting point for creating the streaming player for this application, many thanks to all of the contributors.


The ShareKit project by Nate Weiner is well implemented and easy to use.

Date Helper

The NSDate+Helper project by Billy Gray on GitHub saved me lots of time.

Image Utilities

Trevor Harmon’s UIImage+Resize project was a good source of image processing code.


Nigel Barber’s PDFImage simplifies the preparation of artwork.



My deep gratitude to: Paul Webster, Stuart Crook, Neil Jenkins, Adam Vrijland, Robert Croma, Teresa Nykilchuk and Guy Plunkett.

Dandelion Radio

Many thanks to Dandelion Radio staff for their help in testing and technical support.


Artist and Track Images

All presumably owned by the users of the different services who uploaded them.

Station Wallpaper

(C) 2010 Jeremy Quinn, available under a Creative Commons license on Flickr.