Should I use this application?

I am under 18

No, you could be exposed to adult themes.

I am easily shocked

No, this station, the DJs, the artists they play and their related content found on the net are sometimes intentionally shocking.

I am open minded

Yes, definitely try this application out, we hope you enjoy the good craich.

Connection Questions

Do I need a net connection?

Yes. If you want to play music or browse content that has not been cached yet, then you need either a Wifi or good 3G connection. When you cannot reach the net, you can still review played tracks and browse cached information about them.

How much data will I use?

Lots. While you are playing music, you will be using up approximately 1 megabyte per minute, just streaming the audio. We take steps to limit the size of downloaded images and carefully limit automatic pre-loads while you are on 3G.

How much will it cost on 3G?

Potentiallly at lot. This application uses a significant amount of data from your cell plan while playing music, please check your cell-provider agreement for details.

Can I play music on Edge?

No not reliably, the bandwidth is usually too low to support the streaming audio.

Playback Questions

How can I hear that again?

Maybe, unless we managed to find a download or purchase link for the music, you’ll have to wait til sometime tomorrow. Check in the Show Schedule to see when this show plays again or look out for their gigs.

Can I pause the play?

No, this is a real-time stream and your device does not have enough memory to buffer it.

Can I fast forward or rewind?

Same as above.

Can I record the music?

No, Dandelion Radio have licenses for playing this music but not to allow you to record it.

The background goes blank

Sometimes your device can run short of memory, we dispose of the pretty wallpaper temporaily as a precaution.

Background layers go dim

Same as above, we temporarily hibernate background layers to recover from memory shortage. If you tap on a dimmed layer, it will reactivate.

AppleTV Questions

What can I do?

Play the music and videos to it, see what’s playing with artwork, plus view the photos you are browsing.

What is Mirrored Mode?

When you turn on Mirroring, it lets the App take over your TV completely.

What is Non-Mirrored Mode?

When you don’t turn on Mirroring, the App content can be viewed in the standard Now Playing screen in the Computers tab.

Privacy Questions

Do you collect my data?

NO. We collect no information about you at all. Other services you connect to, via this app may collect data but not us.