How to use this application

Controlling the music
The Start/Stop/Cancel button is on the main screen's navigation bar, up on the left.
You can also shake to start or stop.
Sharing content
The Share button is the action icon up on the right of screens showing a single item.
Recently played music
Recent tracks can be accessed from one of the menu items on the main screen.
Controlling AirPlay
Double-tap the home button to access the standard controls in the multitasking bar for streaming the music to remote speakers.
Changing the volume
Use the hardware volume switch or the controls in the multitasking bar. Headphones with volume controls are also supported.
Special Gestures
Several views have special gestures. You can swipe to navigate in the image and web views, double tap to zoom plus single tap to hide/show controls in the image view.

Problems Playing

I cannot connect
Check your network settings, make sure this device can see a WiFi or cellular network. See if Safari can load a popular web page.
I cannot play the music
You need a working network connection to play music. If you are connected, either the bandwidth is too low or you may need to login to use the access point, in Safari.
The music keeps restarting
Your available bandwidth is probably too low to stream the music. Once you press play, we keep trying to play the music, regardless of network conditions. Stop the player until you get into better reception.
There is no content for a track
We rely on accurate metadata supplied by the DJs and matching content supplied on the net by fans. Sometimes we cannot find a match.
The display is out of sync
We rely on correctly timed metadata from the DJs, they sometimes don't quite get it right.