What can this application do for me?

Play great music
Dandelion Radio play consistently interesting and challenging music. If you liked the range of music John Peel played or you’re just interested in finding out, you'll love this app.
Discover related content
When tracks play, we automatically search the net for whatever content we can find about the artist or track, then organise it for you.
Share content with friends
When you find music or other content you like, you can share it via Twitter, Facebook, Last.FM, email and other services.
Review your play history
There is a menu item on the main screen that takes you to a list of recently played tracks where you can browse their content.
Keep the content up to date
When a track plays or when you review recently played tracks, we check for any updates to the cached content. The cache period is one week.
Play music in the background
Once you have music playing, just press the Home button, choose another App to run; enjoy the music in the background (if this device supports it).
Support a Retina Display
If there is a Retina Display on this device, we automatically download larger versions of images when available.
Universal Application
If you have been enjoying RADIO Dandelion on your iPhone, you will enjoy it even more on an iPad, where we make great use of that lovely big screen.